Charity Shop Home Haul

Our flat is tiny! And we have minimal storage. Anyway, we needed a few things and we are on a tight budget so I thought I’d nip to my local charity shop.

A utensil holder was needed until we gather up the courage to ask our landlord if we can drill into the cupboards to put up some shelves and a utensil bar? Is that what they are called?

So I bought a big jug! I’m not sure if that was wise but I was stuck for ideas. I hate buying ‘new’ things and try to recycle items for new purposes so you will always find me on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Oh, that and organisation or storage tips.

I’m sure I need a massive clear out AGAIN. How annoying.

Onto the ‘haul’. For me it is a haul as I try not to spend a lot of money, but to others it might be nothing.


So here is the aforementioned jug (£2.50). Its quite blue in colour and adds a nice pop of colour to our otherwise boring white kitchen.

The frame is surrounded by metal with little stud like things on. It looks quite industrial (£2). I’m unsure whether to add this to our gallery wall in the living room area or in the bedroom.

The black Jamie Oliver slate (£1.50) which I thought was a chopping board but turned out to be a cheese board will still be used as a chopping board 😉

Then two lots of spray paint. Matt black for the background lamp and silver for whatever.

I also spotted a few other things I wanted but lacked the funds 😦

Hopefully they will still be there when I pop over again this week.