A little about me

Hello there!

If you are reading this then I am very flattered. I’ve recently had to take on a more thrifty lifestyle.

I am my husband’s carer and have recently started getting health problems myself, therefore our income is very limited. I am an avid comper and enjoy using my downtime to enter a few competitions. If I win a few items towards the most profitable season of the year, then they usually end up being presents for our family. I’ve got a few tips if you can bear to read them.

Take this year for example, due to a lovely chocolate company (who I’m not sure if I can name?), I won five full size boxes of sphere-y goodness. Four have been put back for family, one for us. So that takes a bit of pressure off from both of us.

I also have some Sanctuary Spa and Dove stuff that I bought back in January from Boots. They tend to have a sale which I will be making the most of next year too.

Thirdly, I recently learnt how to make cold process soap last month through a course. We made three batches of soap, so I think you can guess where some of that is going! It is still not ready to be used but should be safe before Christmas. A bit of left over cellophane and some ribbon should make these presentable enough to gift. I’d love to take some photos of them when they are finally ready, which I will post here.

I think that’s enough for now, I need to learn how to write properly really.